Rom returns to Marvel! by Eric S Brown

          Based on a toy from Parker Brothers, Rom the Space Knight was adapted by Marvel in 1979. Legendary writer, Bill Mantlo, brought the character to life in a series that ran for 75 issues and 4 annuals. Rom also spilled over into the books of many other characters including Power Man and Iron Fist, the Hulk, Contest of Champions, and Secret Wars II. He also encountered most of the Marvel Universe within the pages of his own title over the course of its run. Many great artists worked on the title with Frank Miller even doing the cover for Rom’s 1st issue. Sadly, Marvel lost the rights to Rom and outside of a few (legally careful) oddities like the Earth X trilogy he was gone from Marvel for almost four decades.

          Fans have long waited and hoped for the day Rom would return to the Marvel Universe. . . and now, it’s finally happening. For the first time ever, due to a new deal with Hasbro (the current owner of Rom and the Micronauts), Marvel will be reprinting the space knight’s entire run in the collected Omnibus editions. And hopefully, also bringing Rom back to the pages of modern Marvel comics in all his cosmic glory!


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