Secret Wars

By Eric S Brown

***Possible Spoilers Below***

The original Secret Wars mini-series in 1984 was a first of a kind event for Marvel. It was a year long story, spread over twelve issues, intended both to help promote a line of toys based on Marvel’s characters from Mattel as well bring all of them together for the first line wide crossover event. It remains a beloved classic today.
In 2015, Marvel released a brand new Secret Wars event. It had a core mini-series, lasting nine issues in terms of its core series, and featured tie ins across many of their other titles. This time, there was more than one Beyonder and all of them die right at the start. Dr. Doom kills them with help from the Molecular Man and Dr. Strange as reality collaspes. Doom takes their power and saves what he can welding together what becomes a new of version of “Battleworld.” Afterwards, Doom appoints himself god of this new world and reigns supreme with an army of Thor’s to make sure his will is carried out.
The 2015 Secret Wars is high concept and full of fantastic ideas. Susan, Franklin, and Valeria Richards have now became Doom’s family while the Human Torch is turned into the new world’s sun.
The Thing becomes a wall who holds back the hungry dead from “Marvel Zombies” portion of the multiverse that was saved in the collapse. Then one day, everything changes.
Two ships that survived the collaspe are discovered. They contain heroes from the multiverse prior to the collapse including two versions of Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Reed Richards, the Black Panther, Thanos, Starlord, and more. Despite Doom’s power and resources, these heroes and villains set out to overthrow Doom and make reality what is was before.
The story is of the 2015 Secret Wars is very a Fantastic Four-centric tale though many heroes and villains play very fun and intense parts in its story. While not the best event Marvel has published, Secret Wars 2015 is well worth checking out by any Marvel fan.


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