sick, sick, sick by Joan McNerney

of seriousness
the universe is
a labyrinth of my
ear ear ear
I am deaf from it
there is no sure
melody in these
crazy strains
deaf deaf deaf
dumb blinded
loosening mind
for just 1 moment
to a maze of human
dilemma absurd
gone gone gone
everything is
senselessly gone
running thru rooms
marked no exit
crying out in
no voice
dance dance dance
on the barbed wire
of time feet raw
raw raw bleeding
blood blood blood

About the Author

Joan McNerney’s poetry is published worldwide in over thirty-five countries in numerous literary magazines. Four Best of the Net nominations have been awarded to her. The Muse in Miniature, Love Poems for Michael, and At Work are available on A new title Light & Shadows has recently been released.


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