Sightless in the Savage Land by Rain Hall-Brown

Sightless in the Savage Land
Rain Hall-Brown

In Daredevil issue 10, Matt Murdock is leaving behind Karen Page and Foggy Nelson to give the two of them space and a chance for the law practice to survive but the ship he is on gets attacked by an evil pirate called the Plunderer. Matt quickly changes into his Daredevil suit to try to fight off the Plunderer and his men but fails. The Plunderer forces him into surrendering by threatening the lives of the crew he had already captured and in order to save them from walking the plant, Matt gives himself up. The Plunderer says that Daredevil has until they reach where they are headed to decide if he will join the crew of pirates as one of them or be killed.

While things are happening with the Plunderer, an equally exciting story is taking place elsewhere as Ka-zar, the jungle king, is trying to capture a young T Rex. He realizes the dinosaur is too dumb to be trained and lets it go.

Daredevil and the Plunderer arrive in the Savage Land and are spotted by Ka-zar and his loyal sabertooth, Zabu. Ka-zar attacks the Plunderer and his evil crew with Daredevil joining in the fight against them. The two heroes fail to stop the Plunderer though they do manage to blow up his cache of weapons. Daredevil is injured in the fight but Ka-zar saves him and carries him away to a place where he can recover before they team up and bring the Plunderer to justice.


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