Speciating by Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming

There are still sapiens on Earth. Often do we remember and feel more than proud that only we Godlings exist – the most sophisticated & most exquisite human-robot compounds. It is true that occasionally we cannot help recalling one or two of them, like Shakespeare & Einstein, but that’s when they pop up unexpectedly from the back of a chip as a couple of forgotten algorithms. Their story tells them they are much more developed physically & intellectually than chimpanzees, while in reality the latter is at least spiritually far more respectable. Since sapiens have proven good for nothing & for nobody, just a sub species of waste wasting endless earthly resources, how can we get rid of them in such gargantuan crowds? — To eliminate them once & for all, or just to wait for their total self-destruction?

First published under the title of “Speciation” in Coffin Bell


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