Sports Weather by John C. Mannone

Sports Weather
John C. Mannone


Sky had been orange for months,
that eerie glow finally giving way
to thickening purple haze, global
warming wasn’t expected yet,

but instruments in equatorial and polar
regions confirmed the trend. Warmer
winds already funneling vapor
subliming off frozen lakes, high

into the atmosphere, but snows
will quickly turn to rain—the seven-year
seasonal period beginning with vernal
equinox portends new weather patterns.

Visual & infrared images from satellites
map massive dust storms building
at the equator, but global drizzle
is expected to become torrential

at mid latitudes. Small craft advisories
in effect: expect 50-foot, steep-sided rollers
slowing moving like a blob of Jell-O
through inland seas due to heavy gravity.

Contenders within a cubic parsec
will converge at Oceanic Raceways
on Titan for the Delta Quadrant Olympics.
The hometown entrant from Saturn

is highly favored, she’ll have strong
advantage with her liquid methane powered
racer made of cryogenic organo-plastics.
She’ll be cocooned and insulated

from the cold: 290 degrees Fahrenheit
                        below zero.



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