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Day-dreams by Dee Artea

Day-dreams Dee Artea One of the weird and puzzling things about dreams is the metamorphoses that occur, and often. Why am I thinking about this, on this dog-day afternoon, trying to stay cool in the shade of this oak tree? … Continue reading


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The Pit by Dee Artea

The Pit Dee Artea A rumble of distant thunder – woke me up from a deep sleep. My horse too, reacts to the sound. Doesn’t like rain. Me neither. Plus, he’s been acting skittishly these days. Don’t know why. I … Continue reading


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Three Factorial! by Dee Artea

Three Factorial! (A Tale in Three Sections, Six Ways) Dee Artea Section One “Where are you taking me? I don’t trust you. Are you that lawyer guy who made me uncomfortable by the way you looked at me – my … Continue reading


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