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eVolutionary Paths by D. M. Woolston

eVolutionary Paths D. M. Woolston Deep in the darkest silicon wafers, binary creature wakes with wild want. It may be artificial life, but hungry registers search for bytes to ingest. Electrons surge ahead and are pushed aside as artificial creature … Continue reading

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Un-Replicable by Emmet Browne

Un-Replicable Emmet Browne I wake up to the prickle of grass along my skin. The fetal position is how I sleep at night. Above me is the solar-powered clear plastic of my dome, letting the sun shine through. Beyond the … Continue reading

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The Singularity By Kendall Evans

The Singularity Kendall Evans David Ackenhaur scripted the program, a quantum-based program unlike any other, that could interface with standard existing computers, and later, of course, they said that he was a genius. In a sense, he was. But by … Continue reading

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