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Interview with Dee Caples

An Interview with Author Dee Caples AR: Do you write poetry, prose, or a mixture of both? DC: I write both. We talked about my poetry first, I think, and discussed the differences in modern poetry and what I was … Continue reading

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The Minstrel’s Secret by Dee Caples

The Minstrel’s Secret Dee Caples Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a man that was just and fair, until the day a wandering minstrel arrived. There was nothing outwardly extraordinary about the man. He was as … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Beat Him, Feed Him by Dee Caples

If You Can’t Beat Him, Feed Him Dee Caples Her skin had been supple and smooth but had now bowed to the inexorable march of time. As invisible cracks formed they felt like the legs of creeping insects and she … Continue reading

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Wipires by Dee Caples

Wipires Dee Caples “Don’t open the door!” Astrid hissed. I glanced over my shoulder at my girlfriend. Her mouth was still frozen in the hiss, her teeth bared. Raising one eyebrow, I turned back to the door and peeked out … Continue reading

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