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Episode Eleven – The Perils

“Kind of nice hanging around here like this, right Shocka? So peaceful.” “Never been no place like this, Hanna,” he snorted. Hanna watched as Shocka’s eyes darted from tree to tree. His eyes fell on a small creature that she … Continue reading

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The Wendigo by D.F. Heller

The Wendigo D.F. Heller Cassie sighed as she closed the book and scrubbed a hand across her face. Midnight had come, and it was past time to turn in. But she had not wanted to stop reading until she finished … Continue reading

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Old Moon by Krista Canterbury Adams

Old Moon Krista Canterbury Adams Have pity—I hear paw steps on the path behind me, radiant in the sun-wood. I too have bent soft paw against soft earth, blameless against the call. I have seen you lie at the feet … Continue reading

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