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A Portal to Remember by Shauna Checkley

A Portal to Remember Shauna Checkley Staring into the dazzling display which was like Canada Day and Mardi Gras and Carnival all in one, the two strangers stood utterly transfixed! “What is th-that?” Sarah’s mouth was shaped like the letter … Continue reading

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A Siren for the Modern Times by Armand J. Azamar

A Siren for the Modern Times Armand J. Azamar Hearing her song again Appears near hopeless. After the shipwreck, Her voice, I still struggle to defend. My hospital bed A depression I discovered for myself. The longing only spreads; wider … Continue reading

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Love Letters of Old by David Russell

Love Letters of Old David Russell My love was stifled Between the gum and the paper – The sealed envelope was lumpy

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Electro-Magnetic Love by David Russell

Electro-Magnetic Love David Russell She said – you are my current, my three-pointed plug Yet I am the wound flex; the wiring behind the walls is mine – When I say ‘Halt!’ go no further; the wiring is dislocated from … Continue reading

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