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Chain of Memories by Sme

Chain of Memories Sme Weathered old wood creaked perilously as Sunny sat down on the front steps of her home. The warm air, rank with smoke, whistled through the bare trees. She used to sit out here, hot cup of … Continue reading

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Visiting Memories by Jonathan Bowerman

Visiting Memories Jonathan Bowerman Explosions sent thunderous shockwaves through the night sky. Infrequent intervals of deadly shrapnel fell from somewhere above. Just off the ground, a sulfuric haze lingered playfully. What is this place? W-where am I? A young man, … Continue reading

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Entreaty of the Ancient by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

Entreaty of the AncientJennifer Ruth Jackson Describe it, scribe How the mountains tasteThe sound the moon makesAs it sees its faceStark, in ocean mirrors Give me the scent of griefSo I can press it to me,A dead flower preservedTo still … Continue reading

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