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The Message by Jennifer Walker

The Message Jennifer Walker In the great hall of the palace of Poseidon the merpeople of Atlantis waited for their Queen to speak. To her right floated her daughter Nerissa, an unusually thick mermaid the shape of a small orca. … Continue reading

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The Mermaid’s Genesis by Ad Adi

Once upon a time, at the island of Tinos, lived a little boy and his grandma. They were poor and hungry, and every night his grandma would tell him the story of the golden fish of the depths, to put … Continue reading

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Merfolk: Sea People of Folklore and Legend by Richard H. Fay

Merfolk: Sea People of Folklore and Legend Richard H. Fay Featured in the lore of many human cultures, merfolk were said to be people of the sea, although some resided in freshwater. In their most usual form, these beings appeared … Continue reading

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