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Episode 60: Eve: Boundaries

Episode 60: Eve: Boundaries Jim Davies         I jumped down to my companions, the smell of cat looming. “Back on the shelf! The cat’s coming!” I shoved Dichall toward escape, grabbed Gretchen’s paw and dragged her with … Continue reading


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Episode 2: Crouching Mouse, Hidden Fish Hook

I gingerly explored the tackle box, trying not to get poked. A three-pronged fish hook, not too shiny, presented itself. I hefted it and smiled, then tossed the hook and some fishing line out of the tackle box, and jumped … Continue reading


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The Campground Faerie

Video Reading Lots of people fantasize about having a home in the woods, living off the land, close to nature. I actually get to do it. I live in a small hole, close to a human campsite, in Gatineau park, … Continue reading


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