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Marvel’s Girl Power by Eric S Brown

Marvel’s Girl Power Eric S Brown Most people likely think that Marvel’s tendency to recreate their male heroes as women of power is a modern thing, but it’s not. The first popular character to be gender swapped was Captain Marvel … Continue reading


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Pushing the Pull by Jim Davies

Pushing the Pull Jim Davies I dropped out of the sky behind Maz and his cop cruiser. He noticed people staring and turned to me. “Oh, hey, fly girl.” I smiled and raised my goggles up onto my forehead. We … Continue reading


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Power Kernels by David Russell

Power Kernels David Russell Break down the elements, split them To non-existence; Then shatter all solidity’s illusions, Free impulses Beyond the viscous mind, still feeling hard By vanity’s gas upholstered. And then, for happiness’s definition, Shut the door; Relax, and … Continue reading


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