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Unhinged by S. Mukherjee

Unhinged S. Mukherjee ‘It’s locked! That cretin,’ Addvid swore. The steel tip of his boot connected with a thud, flinging chips of wood into the air. The door rattled in its hinges. ‘Calm down, Addvid,’ Mera said, frowning. ‘Calm down?’ … Continue reading

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A Time to Shrink by Herb Kauderer

A Time to Shrink Herb Kauderer The humans named her Inner Bigness, but she was just a lab rat. Maybe it was the name that set her apart, or maybe the humans recognized something special. It took a matter of … Continue reading

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Bubonic by John C. Mannone

Bubonic: It was much too wet John C. Mannone When glaciers melt, the Arctic sea will rise, push south, edging the warm currents. Cirrus-clouded air will follow the new jet stream. Rain will fall in torrential heat unto land that … Continue reading

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