The Wheel of Time by Eric S Brown

The Wheel of Time Eric S Brown Fans have long awaited a live action adaptation of Robert Jordon’s classic Wheel of Time series. This year, Amazon Prime delivered and at the time this is being written, five episodes have been released so far. Opinions…

Sweet Tooth by Robert F Young

Rogue Blades Foundation and Heroic Literature by Ty Johnston

Fantasy literature comes in many varieties, but since its inception the genre often has held firmly to notions of the heroic. In truth, the oldest tales in history deal with heroes, from Gilgamesh to Achilles, from Hercules to Samson, and so on. We all…

Ass Hat by Robert Stout

Ass Hat Robert Stout I sat in my comfy blue chair, listening to Jill Thompson’s weekly prattle. I took few notes. Then, mercifully, her hour was up. I gently guided her back to the lobby and asked Doris to make her another appointment. Doris…

Selfies by Rob Dinsmoor

Selfies Rob Dinsmoor Terra and I are almost like identical twins. When I first met her, she was, like nobody. Don’t get me wrong—like me, she had a killer bod and pretty face, but there was just no real personality shining through. I took…

Subliminal Sonnet by Robert Shmigelsky

Subliminal Sonnet Robert Shmigelsky This haiku a subliminal sonnet

Mutant Driving School by Robert Shmigelsky

Mutant Driving School Robert Shmigelsky mutant driving school learning to keep all hands on steering wheel

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time by Robert Shmigelsky

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time Robert Shmigelsky (tanka) razor wind sculptor looping prehistoric rock   spirals reaching sky primeval tectonic lift first skateboard park

Tales from the Garburator by Robert Shmigelsky

Tales from the Garburator Robert Shmigelsky garbage disposal unit trash compactor’s distant cousin the third one removed appliance family tree – kitchen genealogist (haiku) parallel universe refuse passing seamlessly into other worlds (joined one breaths) pipe dream clog free drains protozoic Zzzz’s pipe dreams

Robert the Bruce by Richard H. Fay

Robert the Bruce by Richard H. Fay Alexander III’s fatal fall down a seaside cliff during a stormy night in 1286 plunged the kingdom of Scotland into a cascade of events that eventually led to a series of wars with England. After the untimely…

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon by Robert Frazier

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon By Robert Frazier The piano man’s an australopithecine Cheap suit yes but diamonds on his soul Hammering the Zika Blues in 7/8s time His Sun Ra headdress is really a camera The barkeep sports Einstein’s locks And…

Here Is What You Must Do by Robert Frazier

Here Is What You Must Do By Robert Frazier First study weather then the outworld races win the anthropology chair but refuse ship out to the snow planet of Altair 4 when the expedition drives north you go when the storm wall looms you…

Temporal Peaks by Robert Shmigelsky

Temporal Peaks Robert Shmigelsky never-melting peaks enduring cliffs fast forward falling off

Ranger’s First True Steps by Robert Shmigelsky

Ranger’s First True Steps Robert Shmigelsky tangible outside pull teetering dimensional run sidestepping ranger dodging shadows of objects back in the real world

Miniature Hubble Telescope by Robert Shmigelsky

Miniature Hubble Telescope Robert Shmigelsky angst of a blown-up depth locked refractors zoomable Hubble telescope miniature eye implants busted “off” switch