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The Pop Singer

by Todd Sullivan  Marco crouched next to his master in the shadow of two leering demon statues standing sentry at Bongeunsa Temple’s arched gates. His hand rested on the hilt of a dagger tucked into his belt, and he gazed … Continue reading

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The World of Dredd: Judge Demarco by Eric S Brown

The World of Dredd: Judge Demarco Eric S Brown The character of Galen Demarco first appeared in Prog # 970 of 2000 AD magazine. She is born into vast wealth and after the passing of her mother, her father realizes … Continue reading

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Incursion: Chapter 1 by Gustavo Bondoni

Incursion: Chapter 1 Gustavo Bondoni Tristan woke with a start. He’d slept for centuries and now it was time to die. His training kicked in. The pod release button was exactly where it was supposed to be, and he pressed … Continue reading

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