The Best Vampire Series Ever by Eric S Brown

UK author Brian Lumley wrote many things in his long career but chief among them was the Necroscope Series. The first book was released in 1986 and was a massive hit,
spawning fifteen more books, two comic series, a graphic novel, a roleplaying game from
West End Games, and was most recently rumored to have been optioned for TV/film by
Morgan Freeman’s production company.

The main character of the series is Harry Keogh who is a Necroscope, a psychic who speaks to the dead and can access the knowledge, skills, or powers from any soul willing to allow him to use them. Harry Keogh picks up many more abilities throughout the books, most notably being able to use the Mobius Continuum. Traveling through it allows Harry to teleport unlimited distances on the physical plane as well time travel to a limited extent. The supporting characters, the physics of E-branch, truly make the books. They are secret agents of the British government, all with powers of their own from precognition to telepathy and many others. They team up with Harry in the first book to stop an evil necromancer while discovering that vampires are very real and far more powerful and evil than the old legends make them out to be. From that point on, the Necroscope Series becomes very much an ongoing struggle to protect the Earth from them.

If you enjoy psionics or monstrous vampires as they are meant to be, you will not
find any better reading than Necroscope. The series is truly the best for both of those


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