The Flying Machine by Celine Rose Mariotti

The Wright Brothers had a vision,
They flew their plane the Kittyhawk,
Chamberlain flew too,
Aviation began,
Then came Igor Sikorsky
The helicopter was born,
Then came the beginning of the big jets,
People were flying to their destinations,
The airlines were growing,
Pan Am, TWA, Eastern, National, American,
United, Continental,
The start of it all,
Now we have other major airlines,
Southwest, United, Delta, Northwest, US Air,
And more,
And let’s not forget,
Manned space flight,
The Apollo 11
Neil Armstrong took one big step for mankind,
The shuttles, the space station,
And it all got started with John Glenn,
All the flying machines,
We have lift off!

About the Author

Celine Rose Mariotti has been published in many journals and magazines in the USA, the UK, India and Australia. Some of those publications are: Poesis Journal, Lone Stars Magazine, Artifacts, Poetsespresso, Atlantean Publishing, Tigershark Publishing, Poets Art, Bewildering Stories, Quantum Leap, FreeXpression, Altered Reality, and many others. Some of her books are: Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?, I’m Too Young to be President, Words of Inspiration and others. Her two latest books are Atomic Soldiers and All The Wonderful Things and People I Love. Two other books are I Hear the Banjo Playing and The Return of George Bowman. Celine has a B.S. degree from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. She has her own home business, CRM Enterprises and her own e-newsletter. She also plays the guitar and banjo. She loves Las Vegas and she loves to watch soap operas. She lives with her family, and they have a lot of good times together.




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