Vampirella vs. Dracula by Eric S Brown

When you read a title like Vampirella vs. Dracula most expect an epic vampire brawl. Sadly this trade paperback is nothing of the sort. It’s a complex tale of the Dracula narrative being repeated over and over through out time. Dracula and a group called The Order of the Dragon are locked in the narrative. Dracula wants out of it and the Order of the Dragon wants it changed as well. Both separately are working to alter the narrative by trapping Vampirella in it. She is to take Dracula’s place at the story’s heart. Vampirella has no intention of allowing this to happen. While she and Dracula do encounter each other in several time periods, there is never a truly awesome battle between the two.    They do share a rather intimate moment though. The story and writing while complex are simply weak and frankly rather boring. I can’t recommend this trade paperback to anyone looking for a quick and fun read. If one is a Dracula or Vampirella fan however one might endure the slow pace of the book just to see the two meet.   

As weak as the pacing and writing are, the art is fantastic. It lives up to the quality of most Vampirella trade paperbacks. The book is rated T+ and falls soundly in the horror genre of comics. It is seductive and very adult. The sexuality and violence of the characters are graphically depicted. Gorehounds and “bad girl” comic fans will be more than pleased by it. Does the art alone make this trade paperback worthy of adding to one’s collection? Well, that’s a call you will have to make for yourself.   


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