Waiting by Lindsay Baik

A child waiting for her dog that left its mortal coil
The rain pours but she doesn’t recoil
It doesn’t stop, and she starts coughing
And the sun seems stuck on the horizon, never rising
Picking dandelion petals, my dog is coming back not

Waiting for the stories on my pages to come to life
The supernatural husband or his unfaithful wife
My hand rushes to put my thoughts on paper
A story told that most likely isn’t true
Where’s the happily ever after? I’m still waiting

A kid waiting at someone’s front door
She promised to take him to the shore
It’s about time he came through, but the lights are off
The garden gnome is staring, it’s a bit creepy
Her phone dings, he’s already at the beach


About the Author

Lindsay Baik is a student at Dulwich College Seoul who is passionate about writing, music, and collecting CDs. She spends much of her free time playing the cello and listening to music. 


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