X Factor: Genesis and Apocalypse by Eric S Brown

X Factor: Genesis and Apocalypse
Eric S Brown

For anyone who grew up reading comics in the 1980s, X Factor: Genesis and Apocalyse will be a nostalgistic trip down memory lane. It collects not only the original nine issues of the series and first annual but also the key tie in issues including Avengers # 263, Fantastic Four # 286, Iron Man Annual 8, and Amazing Spiderman 282. In addition, it also features several pages of interviews, art, and more from the news comic, Marvel Age, that previewed X Factor before its original release. Weighing in at over 450 pages, the range of these extra issues truly give an awesome feel for what Marvel Comics were like during that era.   

The art of Genesis and Apocalypse is provided by numerous comic legends including John Byrne, Bob Layton, John Buscema, and many others.    The writing is also above par with scripts from Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, and Chris Claremont. This particular Epic Collection of X Factor is a near definative sampling of 80s comic book talent at least in terms of Marvel Comics.

All in All, X Factor: Genesis and Apocaplyse is a super fun read which introduces the X Factor team, tells their origin, and then also brings Apocalyse, their archnemesis, in the Marvel Universe too.    If you’re a fan of mutants or classic Marvel stories from the 1980s, this collection is a must have for your personal collection.


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