A ‘Pound’ Argument by Lauren McBride

A ‘Pound’ Argument
Lauren McBride

“Children, your mother and I’ve decided that we should move to Earth. We’ve enrolled you in school and you’ll be with other terran children. We plan to book space on next month’s transport.”

The twins looked crushed. “But we like it here.”

“We’ll miss our native friends . . .”

“. . . and their four-armed games.”

“They let us play together as one.”

“Besides,” they pouted under the orange sky, “blue sky sounds boring.”

“So does school.”

“And here we can jump over our house.”

“You said on Earth we’d weigh more.”

At this, the wife turned to her husband. “Dear, perhaps we should reconsider.”

This story first appeared in the Sam’s Dot Drabble Contest anthology, “Living on an Alien World,” November 2009.


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