African Witches Don’t Fly on Brooms by David Adekeye

I was born on a December night in the year before

a new century

My mother told me I died six nights after


She said she had seen six demons lurking

in the backyard

That was six nights before I was born


African witches don’t fly on brooms

They go natural


If you sniff the wind

You can smell a witch


They don’t fly at night

They are like sand- everywhere


If you walk in the sun, they sting you like rays

No peace at night- they bite like mosquitoes


I resurrected on a December night in the year before

a new century

And I can say for sureā€¦

No witch has a heart that’s pure


I remember their coven- hot like a danfo

Packed with demons schlepping and slow


An angel took me out of there

But not before one witch tore his robe

They laughed at his plump rear.


About the Author

David is a poet based in Lagos, Nigeria. He loves about writing about women, cities, and social issues. He has one published e-book: Lagos I- A Long Tale of the Lagoon City. Instagram: @theauthordave Twitter: @theauthordave Website:


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