Alpha Flight Classic by Rain Hall-Brown


Alpha Flight by Rain Hall-Brpwm

Alpha Flight
Rain Hall-Brown

Alpha Flight is the superhero team that protects Canada. It is made up of Puck, Guardian, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, Snowbird, and Marrina. I really like Snowbird because she can change into any animal that lives in Canada, even a Sasquatch.

In the first issue of Alpha Flight, a crazy man tried to summon Thundra, (a very old and evil, giant monster) but was killed by the spell he was using. Thundra was let loose anyway, and Alpha Flight had to stop him. This brought all of them back together as the government had officially disbanded them, soon after becoming a team again, Marrina becomes evil. She almost kills Puck in issue # 2 because shie is under the control of a bad guy who calls himself The Master. He’s been alive a very long time and wants to take over the world. With the help of Susan Richards from the Fantastic Four, and Namor, Alpha Flight blow up the Master’s base and stop him, but in the end he gets away.

Most of the team get solo stories in the first book of Alpha Flight Classic, and even though Northstar and Aurora’s two issues were kind of slow, I still enjoyed them. They fight a bad guy named Ernest St. Ives who can kill people by just touching them.

I am really looking forward to reading Alpha Flight Classic Vol. 2.


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