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Alpha Flight Classic by Rain Hall-Brown

  Alpha Flight Rain Hall-Brown Alpha Flight is the superhero team that protects Canada. It is made up of Puck, Guardian, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, Snowbird, and Marrina. I really like Snowbird because she can change into any animal that … Continue reading


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Hunting Bigfoot by K. A. Williams

Hunting Bigfoot K. A. Williams “Maybe Troy told Greg that he saw Bigfoot out here yesterday when he was collecting samples of the flora for his botany class, because he knew you were listening.” Parker skipped a stone across the … Continue reading


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Pocket ‘Squatch by Richard Stevenson

Pocket ‘Squatch Richard Stevenson Ain’t got a paunch, Mama. Ain’t got a lottta hair on top. Got a hankerin’ for Pita and Hummus, Mama. Wanna go for a cuppa joe? Wanna go for a walk? Or just stay home and … Continue reading


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