Terra by K. A. Williams

Terra K. A. Williams Terraform complete Cryosleep is over now Welcome to Terra Humans unpack ship History files corrupted No blueprints for guide Colonists build homes Fossil fuels used for heating And to power cars Science facts report Environment is hurting Solar energy First…

Treasure Hunter by K. A. Williams

Treasure Hunter K. A. Williams Derelict spacecraft Searching for treasure inside Maybe I’ll find gold First published in 2021 in View From Atlantis

Attacked By Pirates by K. A. Williams

Attacked By Pirates K. A. Williams Out among the stars Pirates attack my small ship Not a gun runner Transporting deadly toxins Seven less space pirates now First published in 2021 in View From Atlantis.

Dragon Parleyer by K. A. Williams

Dragon Parleyer K. A. Williams “Rumor is that a dragon is terrorizing your village,” I said. “You’re not a knight, you’re not even a man. What could you do?” The elder regarded me with a scornful expression as he turned to enter his hut….

Dragon Egg by K. A. Williams

Dragon Egg K. A. Williams Dragon egg for sale Price is negotiated Excited buyer waits Baby ostrich hatches First published in issue 31 of View From Alantis on August 22, 2021

A Robot’s Smile by K. A. Williams

A Robot’s Smile K. A. Williams Nothing is falser A new robot’s smiling face It can’t feel happy

Download A Daydream by K. A. Williams

Download A Daydream K. A. Williams The website at ‘Download A Daydream’ had some interesting selections including – meet underground inhabitants of Mars, sail the high seas with Captain Blackbeard (I already had that daydream), and travel through space with the crew of the…

The Beach On Tiragell by K. A. Williams

The Beach On Tiragell K. A. Williams Previously published in issue 28 of View From Atlantis on July 3rd 2021 Twin moons illuminated the beach. When clouds briefly blocked the light, I could still hunt seashells because they glowed in the dark. I had…

Dragon Racing by K. A. Williams

Dragon Racing K. A. Williams Dragon racing is A very popular sport For all the people Once or twice a month Dragons line up in the sky The horn blows loudly A red one leading As they fly around the track A green catches…

Heartbreak by K. A. Williams

Heartbreak K. A. Williams she fell in love her man was perfect the robot with no heart

The Healer and the Dragon by K. A. Williams

The Healer and the Dragon K. A. Williams I woke up in the crook of the tall oak tree I had climbed last night when it grew dark. From my perch, I could see across the meadow and into the forest where something sparkled….

No Humans Allowed by K. A. Williams

No Humans Allowed K. A. Williams humans build androids androids revolt humans kept as pets sign in shop window – “no humans allowed”

Clone Expeditions by K. A. Williams

Clone Expeditions K. A. Williams man wants to seed worlds space travel risky clone expeditions

It’s Time For A Change by K. A. Williams

It’s Time For A Change K. A. Williams The shape-shifter said, as she looked in the mirror, “It’s time for a change.”

Young Dragon Rider by K. A. Williams

Young Dragon Rider K. A. Williams Young dragon rider has tamed her beast and will fly until dark.

The Suspicious Widower by K. A. Williams

The Suspicious Widower K. A. Williams I awoke with a headache and soon discovered that I didn’t have any more chamomile to make a soothing tea. When I went outside to my garden, the plants were starting to wither from lack of rain. It…

The Practical Joker by K. A. Williams

The Practical Joker K. A. Williams The music carried me to a world where worries and deadlines did not exist. What was that pounding noise? I didn’t recall a heavy drum sound in that particular section of the song. There it was again. I…

Of Dragons And Man by K. A. Williams

Of Dragons And Man K. A. Williams The mother dragon, too big to sit on her egg, breathes out a warm breeze. Not like the hot flame she blew on that horrid knight who came in her cave. The egg is cracking – a…

Baby Dragons by K. A. Williams

Baby Dragons K. A. Williams Baby dragons learn how to fire up a knight very fast.

Dragons by K. A. Williams

Dragons K. A. Williams Dragons Powerful, merciless Scaly, flying, ancient Death to careless knights Fire-breathers

Prison Planet 7 by K. A. Williams

Prison Planet 7 K. A. Williams Topaz awoke in the top bunk bed, in a barracks full of other women, dressed in a gray uniform of soft breathable fabric and sturdy work boots. She was confused at first then her memory became clear. She…

Haven by K. A. Williams

Haven K. A. Williams I had just got home from work and was about to shut the door when I noticed a police hover car chasing three people that were running in my direction. “Over here!” The man pushed the woman and child ahead…

Interview with JM Williams

A.R. Do you write poetry, prose, or a mixture of both? J.M.W. Prose only. A.R. Have you every done any journalistic writing? J.M.W. I do write academically, history and law, and have been published in a peer review journal. A.R. What made you start…

Turkey’s Hideout by K. A. Williams

Turkey’s Hideout K. A. Williams It was cold this morning; I fluffed up my feathers. I warmed my feet by scratching around for breakfast and dug up some tasty grubs and worms which I gobbled whole. “Your ma will be so proud of you…

Call From Space by K. A. Williams

Call From Space K. A. Williams The call from space that we’ve been waiting for has come at last. “Hi.”

Terraforming Mars by K. A. Williams

Terraforming Mars K. A. Williams Terraforming Mars brought back wildlife and plants to the dead world.

The Gray Man by K. A. Williams

The Gray Man K. A. Williams He comes to warn us Gray Man on Pawleys Island The hurricane’s here

Robots by K. A. Williams

Robots K. A. Williams Robots Loyal, smart Protective, enduring, mighty Man’s new best friend Androids

The Robot Soldiers by K. A. Williams

The Robot Soldiers K. A. Williams The Robot soldiers Our only line of defense Aliens attack

Hunting Bigfoot by K. A. Williams

Hunting Bigfoot K. A. Williams “Maybe Troy told Greg that he saw Bigfoot out here yesterday when he was collecting samples of the flora for his botany class, because he knew you were listening.” Parker skipped a stone across the lake’s surface. “He’s been…

Zelda’s Competition by K. A. Williams

Zelda’s Competition K. A. Williams I called my boyfriend Jordan, who’s a genius, on the computer, told him what I wanted and asked if he could do it. After I watched him laugh for a while, I interrupted him. “It’s not funny. There’s a…

Epilogue by JM Williams

Vott grunted in desperation. It wasn’t supposed to end this way. All his experience. All his training. To be undone by such an amateur move. “You got to be kidding me!” Vott shouted. “What sort of pimple-nosed peachick tries a 5-9 split in a professional…

The Prize

The man with braided hair had gained a fair lead by the time Frige got outside, but the gambling boss did not have her legs, nor her keen sense of the geography of Marudal’s streets. Spotting the trail of destruction the terrified man left…

End Game

The whole thing was going better than Vott could have dreamed. He’d beaten three other worthy opponents to make it to the final round of the tournament. All on his own. He hadn’t needed Jari in his corner, whispering strategy in his ear. He…

Final Positioning

“Just hear me out,” Jari was saying. He had to get Vott to understand. Every player had their blind spots. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t be confident. You’ve got the basics down, yes. But you need to be prepared for anything, Wissian.” The two…

Defensive Strategy

The west watchhouse was as silent as it had ever been, at least in the many years Vott had called the place a second home. Of course, silence was all part of the plan. Vott needed to think, without the constant bickering of the…

Reckless Advance

“How about you let me go in first?” Wolf said, his hand on the door of the small, ground floor apartment. “What makes you think I’d let you do that?” Frige replied, a hand on her hip. “Rouda told me what you’re like. If…

First Move

“So you’re married, eh?” Vott asked Jari. The pair were maneuvering through a packed backstreet. Market Street, Marudal’s main thoroughfare for highbrow commerce, was only a few blocks away, but one wouldn’t know it from the look of the narrow road they were currently…

Choosing Sides

“I’ve got little patience for your games today, Rauda.” Watch Officer Frige Dalgaard held the scrawny fence up by a fistful of his shirt. It was an empty threat, she knew. There was only so much she could do to someone like Rauda, someone…