Life: A Game by Steven Ross

Life: A Game Steven Ross 1. Understanding death and its ramifications, Deserved a life of dedication. Studying and pursuing, I followed every clue. Religious, spiritual, and scientific avenues, Led to varied, creative philosophies. Theories on the demise of the human mind lacked the same…

Epilogue by JM Williams

Vott grunted in desperation. It wasn’t supposed to end this way. All his experience. All his training. To be undone by such an amateur move. “You got to be kidding me!” Vott shouted. “What sort of pimple-nosed peachick tries a 5-9 split in a professional…

The Brotherhood by Joseph Hurtgen

The Brotherhood Joseph Hurtgen At five in the morning I closed my laptop, thinking about my 20,000 gold, the grim reaper’s scythe, and logging back into Death Kingdom tomorrow, or, uh, later today, I guess. “You out?” called Double Sam from the room across…

Final Positioning

“Just hear me out,” Jari was saying. He had to get Vott to understand. Every player had their blind spots. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t be confident. You’ve got the basics down, yes. But you need to be prepared for anything, Wissian.” The two…

Setting the Pieces

Where was that gods-forgotten game set? Watch Sergeant Wissian Vott tossed a box of whetstones aside as he rummaged through the watchhouse storage room. The box tipped to the floor, the cacophony of stones upon concrete assaulting his ears and his patience. Of course,…

Crystal Story II

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The Everloom

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Castles of Talesworth

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Adventure Ho!

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