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The Last Dragon by Herb Kauderer

The Last Dragon Herb Kauderer The hunters pay no attention to the final truth but the last dragon knows that she is the last dragon. Through decades she has run from the chase hidden in stealthy caves, hibernated in her … Continue reading


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Turkey’s Hideout by K. A. Williams

Turkey’s Hideout K. A. Williams It was cold this morning; I fluffed up my feathers. I warmed my feet by scratching around for breakfast and dug up some tasty grubs and worms which I gobbled whole. “Your ma will be … Continue reading


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Monster Hunter: Siege by Eric S Brown

If you’ve never heard of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series and you’re a fan of action packed reads full of monsters, fun, and horror, you’re really missing out. The series began with a novel entitled Monster Hunters International in 2009. … Continue reading


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Episode 24: Leak of the Lie

Gretchen, Dichall, and I sat on a box that used to hold matches, attending an emergency Council meeting. Beatrice cleared her throat to quiet everyone down. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have an informant who would like to brief us on … Continue reading


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