Seeing Dragons by John C. Mannone

Seeing Dragons John C. Mannone Based on a photograph of clouds resembling a dragon, and the YouTube video on the human’s development of pareidolia She swept down from the heavens, or did she really come from cloud-mist spewing from fissures in the earth—rocks shifting…

Of Dragons And Man by K. A. Williams

Of Dragons And Man K. A. Williams The mother dragon, too big to sit on her egg, breathes out a warm breeze. Not like the hot flame she blew on that horrid knight who came in her cave. The egg is cracking – a…

Baby Dragons by K. A. Williams

Baby Dragons K. A. Williams Baby dragons learn how to fire up a knight very fast.

Dragons by K. A. Williams

Dragons K. A. Williams Dragons Powerful, merciless Scaly, flying, ancient Death to careless knights Fire-breathers

The Makings of Dragons by Herb Kauderer

The Makings of Dragons Herb Kauderer At first, dragons were rare monsters conjured by wizards who spent long months slowly simmering essences with which to imbue their creations. Emerald, ruby, copper, gold, diamond, and more were used as dragon’s essence. And, as wizards included…