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Download A Daydream by K. A. Williams

Download A Daydream K. A. Williams The website at ‘Download A Daydream’ had some interesting selections including – meet underground inhabitants of Mars, sail the high seas with Captain Blackbeard (I already had that daydream), and travel through space with … Continue reading


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Daybreak by Eric S Brown

Daybreak’s first season was released on Netflix in the fall of 2019. It’s a post-apocalyptic, comedy centered around the life of a teenager named Josh Wheeler. The adults of the world have been mostly wiped out by a nuclear war … Continue reading


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Day of Chaos by Eric S Brown

Day of Chaos Eric S Brown Judge Dredd is an iconic character. Created in 1977, his adventures continue to this day in both the UK and America, and one of the most important story arcs is The Day of Chaos … Continue reading


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