A Most Intelligent Ship by Charles C Cole

A Most Intelligent Ship Charles C Cole Deluxe stretch limo to outer space with every accommodation imaginable. That’s me. Point, accelerate, then relax and enjoy the ride. Humans construct a sophisticated, self-evolving AI that can make critical in-flight decisions, simultaneously, like navigating multiple hazards…

Treasure Hunter by K. A. Williams

Treasure Hunter K. A. Williams Derelict spacecraft Searching for treasure inside Maybe I’ll find gold First published in 2021 in View From Atlantis

Captain’s Cabin

Sunar gave another firm yank on the cord. It cleared whatever had snagged it and jerked in his hand. He had no trouble pulling it the rest of it out of the conduit to be rewarded by the sight of the wire tied to…

Small Favors

Sunar blinked rapidly at the ship’s Captain, his hand still outstretched from shaking the man’s hand. Disappointment and irritation welled up inside him: the Captain intended to turn him away after all. The Human gave him a lopsided smile, however, and shook his head….

Ship in a Storm by Crystal L. Kirkham

Ship in a Storm Crystal L. Kirkham Tholins. That rich biomaterial we dared to harvest from the red spot was the only thing keeping us alive. Stuck in one of Jupiter’s turbulent bands. Unable to escape the brutal winds that tossed us around like…

Brunch, Spaceship Side by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Brunch, Spaceship Side Kathleen A. Lawrence Bounding across the rocky terrain with low gravity weight on Aster it was an exhilarating jaunt out for breakfast morsels hidden behind griege craters and dunes. Silver space boots with lights, and puffy suit were de rigueur under…

Space Efficient by Herb Kauderer

Space Efficient Herb Kauderer   The legends of outer space call the void empty and lonely. I live shoulder to shoulder among four million people on a generation ship. I wonder what lonely means.