The Backup Plan by Charles C Cole

The Backup Plan Charles C Cole My widower father obsessed about my getting hurt. He even had me wear an emergency pendant to reach him, with the press of one button, during a crisis. My friends and I had just graduated from high school…

Never Leave Me by K. A. Kenny

Never Leave Me K. A. Kenny Chrissy tucked her blue chiffon dress and pulled the garden swing beneath her. “What color are my eyes?” she asked, facing Josh with her eyes closed. He lowered the lid of his laptop slowly, his hand shaking. “What…

Clone Expeditions by K. A. Williams

Clone Expeditions K. A. Williams man wants to seed worlds space travel risky clone expeditions

Aristotles of Flesh and Bone by J.S. Helgerson

Aristotles of Flesh and Bone J.S. Helgerson The teacher started life in the tank behind the chalkboard at 8:22 am. Children had been filing into the classroom for the last fifteen minutes, and their quiet chatter filled the air. First bell was at 8:30….

fruit of imperfection by Herb Kauderer

fruit of imperfection Herb Kauderer imperfect clone grows different from sibs mutated gene shows shame