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Dragon Egg by K. A. Williams

Dragon Egg K. A. Williams Dragon egg for sale Price is negotiated Excited buyer waits Baby ostrich hatches First published in issue 31 of View From Alantis on August 22, 2021

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Meet Douglas Schwarz

Psychic Chicken Douglas Schwarz Henrietta laid her very first egg in the early hours of a chill spring morning. Like all the hens in her coop, she was confined to a wire cage scarcely big enough to hold her. But … Continue reading

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Hatchling by F.J. Bergmann

Hatchling F.J. Bergmann Why would a clutch of eggs the size of pea gravel have been laid at the peak of a dune so steep it towered like a sandstone cliff above the sea? One eggshell lay already broken in … Continue reading

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