Are You Sure It Works by Zvi A. Sesling

Are You Sure It Works
Zvi A. Sesling

On the planet Kapora the TBXW Special is the most desired vehicle because of its versatility. In addition to traveling at more than one stribolts per egami it can take to the air with a single push of a button and can navigate lakes or oceans with the push of another button.

Bodo comes home and yells to Eifra, “Honey I bought a new TBXW Special. It’s guaranteed to drive, fly, or take to water. And it is affordable.”

Come out, let’s go for a ride. We’ll try out all three moves,” he says to his wife as she stands in the door of their home.

Eifra goes with him in their new vehicle and he tells her as they speed along a highway not yet completed, “You know we’ve been saving for so many cycles of the sun, this is thrilling.”

Eifra is silent.

As they approach the end of the road Bodo realizes he cannot stop the vehicle in time. “Push the green button and we’ll fly over the end of the highway.”

Are you sure it works,” Eifra asks as she pushes the green button and TBXW Special lurches forward into space.

Of course,” Bodo says as the engine stops and they plunge downward.


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