Episode One – The Takeover – Wolf Bennie Ba’s surprise

Wolf Bennie Ba’s heart rate accelerated as he stood alone in the forest, stunned by what he saw below. He was looking down on a pack of timber wolves led by his old enemy, Shocka Din. The same pack that had viciously attacked him when he was running wild and known as “The Ghost.” It seemed long ago, but he remembered vividly how the timber wolves had left him for dead after the attack. They had dragged away the two pack members he’d killed in the fight and tended to a scar that Shocka Din, professed King of Canines, would wear forever.

Why are they here, Bennie wondered. I’ll find out. If they plan to harm Omar, and my friends that nursed me back to good health, after what they did to me, I’ll see. It’s worth all I can give, to find out. The K-9 Town Pack are my family. They’ve brought out qualities I didn’t know I had, he chuckled as he thought about his then, and his now. And I’m feeling better than ever thanks to the females’ nurturing care.

He followed until the others stopped, then held his head up and strode into their camp. Wolf Bennie Ba was once again The Ghost. If trouble started in Shocka Din’s camp, there would be a few less wolves for Omar Blue to handle because he was going to leave his mark. And he would start with Shocka Din.

The big black timber wolf, Shocka Din, couldn’t conceal his amazement when The Ghost pushed through the pack to come face to face with him. “Well, well! We heard you were in the area. I have to admit you look pretty good considering how we left you.”
“Bet you can’t say that about the two I saw you all dragging away.”

“Ha. What do you want here and what makes you think you’ll get away alive, Ghost?” growled Shocka, lips curling.

With a deadly frown that stirred memories The Ghost retorted, “I want to know why you’re here. You know I don’t have a problem dying,”

Shocka narrowed his eyes, studying The Ghost, trying to find old scars. He remembered how fiercely The Ghost had fought. No, he didn’t have a problem dying and, no doubt, would take more of Shocka’s followers with him. There would be plenty of time to avenge the followers savagely killed by The Ghost.

“By the way… I’m called Bennie Ba now, but you can call me Bennie.”

Shocka’s words sounded calm, almost friendly, but the glitter of malice in his eyes betrayed his real intentions. “Where can I find Omar Blue. I heard you had joined his pack. That was hard to believe since you were always a loner.”

“Things change! What do you want Omar for?”

With mind boggling conceit, “I’m going to make him understand that his leadership is about to end. As a matter of fact, I hear K-9 Town might need new leadership. Maybe me and my friends here are ready to settle down.”

If he only knew how unlikely that is. I’ll let him and his vicious band of predators see for themselves, Bennie mused.

“Don’t change direction. You’ll meet him soon enough!” He wheeled around and charged. Bodies flew as he bowled them over. Yips and howls erupted from Shocka’s stunned followers, as he vanished from sight.


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