Episode Sixteen – The Battle

Shocka Din ambled away from King Cat Sateer in deep thought, then picked up speed to a relaxed trot. Sateer says there’s dangers I can’t imagine here. This is one creepy place, but somethin’ is keepin’ me here. Should have fought Omar days ago and got us away, win or lose. Ain’t like I’m afraid. More like I don’t wanna leave. Plenty to keep us busy, just waiting to see what happens next. Don’t have to wander around looking for excitement.

Moving through the forest, breathing in the cool air, while focusing on the sparkling greenery ahead, he stopped to investigate any movement deemed out of the ordinary. I should have brought Hanna along. Bet she would have taken to Sateer. He was different—kindda like Omar Blue—a leader. I’m a leader too! What makes me different?!

The wolf snapped out of his reverie, gazing on the blue sky ahead. Somethings wrong! What’s those things flyin’ around. They’re flyin’ over my camp! He plunged forward. Howls, and low grumbles became louder. Hold on… I’m coming….

Arriving hackles up, and teeth bared, the fierce timber wolf leader latched onto a swooping birdlike beast, without slowing his stride, before it reached its target. What are these things? Where’s Hanna!

The Ottflys hovered above the timber wolves. Bright red, tinged in blue, their translucent wings and long tails glowed in the sun. Deadly long beaks poked and slashed, while fluttering wings and tails distracted their prey.

Wolves grabbed tails, bit off wings, and defended themselves fearlessly, but they were badly outnumbered, and weakening.

Shocka spotted Hanna and headed towards his beloved. He didn’t make it.

A flood of dogs entered the brawl. Brushing the fatigued timber wolves aside, Omar Blue and his pack besieged the Ottflys.

The fidgeting, wide eyed wolves, watched the display of domination. Look at ‘em, Shocka pondered. The little ones are as deadly as the big ones. Some of the biggest dogs I ever saw. Where’ve they been hidin’? And they’re jumpin’ twice as high as us. He snapped and pounced his way over to Omar to express his gratitude, and found himself battling side by side with Omar, Bennie, and Thor.

You were right, Bennie. He’s one heck of a fighter,” Omar thundered, sighting the wolf warring his way towards them. Making eye contact, he nodded, then continued his wrath.

Shocka witnessed Omar leap, catch an Ottfly, crunch down, then hurl it. Before it landed, he had grabbed another. Wow! I see why the Ghost—I mean Bennie— aligned himself with Omar. His brother Thor is just as bad. He brings ‘em down with those big jaws of his, then knocks the motionless creatures away. Unbelievable!

Dogs and wolves took on the challengers together. The timber wolves watched the big dogs slam down their victims, then the little dogs rip them apart, as if it were a familiar routine.

Shocka finally made it over to Hanna and the females. He wasn’t needed.

The two, potion filled Seers, Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny, were at their best… or worse. They sprang, latched onto their quarry, crunched down once or twice, and spit them away.

Look at those two old dogs! They’re outdoin’ the young… even my Hanna. They gotta be the ones who beatdown my wolves. Ow! Struck by pieces of a plunging body, he looked up.

Warrior Eagle McZen had arrived. The high-speed enforcer clamped down on his prey, severing bodies with his sharp, powerful beak, making small work of those too high for the canines to reach.

The Ottflys released high-pitched squeals, as they redirected their attack.

Barking, howling dogs and wolves looked to the sky, foreseeing the eagle’s destruction, but unable to prevent it. Only Omar, Thor and Major Diggs envisioned the true outcome.

McZen flew upward. The Ottflys followed, unable to keep up. He changed course, spread his enormous wings, and descended like a tornado. The warrior eagle whirled through the creatures, with feathered extensions as deadly as razor sharp blades.

The canines roared.

Omar gazed around. The flying beings were close to annihilation. He howled, “Stop! Let them gather their wounded and live to tell of this day!”

The fighting ceased.

The Ottflys began their departure. Some flew, while others ambled along.

Shocka bayed. “What a battle!”

Wolves, and dogs, howled and nudged each other.

McZen flew down to face Omar and Thor, the two Princes from Iron Dog Land. Their admiration and affection couldn’t be denied. Nor could his. “I should go now. King and Queen, Nitro and Saifon await my tale of your adventure.”

Omar barked. “You can’t leave… Not yet!”

McZen studied him with narrowed, suspicious eyes, as high-spirited dogs and wolves surrounded them.


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