Guardians of the Galaxy: Solo Origins by Eric S Brown

There are several Guardians of the Galaxy omnibus volumes available on the market from different eras of the team. The best bang for one’s buck though is the Solo Origins volume released in 2015. It collects the early tales of Groot, Drax, Gamora, Starlord, and Rocket Raccoon (in that order). The omnibus is over 1100 pages in length and very well bound. Though heavy to drag around, it is much tougher than some Marvel volumes of its type.

Because of where the Guardians members appeared, there are a lot of Captain Marvel issues included within its pages. Thankfully though, there are also issues of titles like Marvel Two in One, The Avengers, and Strange Tales to balance things out. The omnibus concludes with the entire four issues of the Rocket Raccoon mini-series, ending on a fun note.

The quality of the stories and art vary wildly. The Groot issues may feel dated to some while the issues of Captain Marvel certainly pack a heavy 1970’s vibe. The later collected issues featuring more of Drax teaming up with Thor and the Avengers, however, deliver true 80’s-style super-hero action. All in all, is this the best Guardians omnibus? No, but this volume can often be found around $50 despite its $125 cover price and sometimes even cheaper than that. You won’t find more comic material collected in such fashion for a better price than that.


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