Humans are Weird by Andrew Ban

We have eyes we have ears
We can taste we can hear
We aren’t really friendly to newcomers
We may be weaker than you
We may be dumber than you
But that’s what makes us human
Humans are quite complicated
We are vulnerable to many things
Yet we still exist
We are at the top of the food chain
Even though there are creatures that are stronger than us
We have something they don’t
And that is intelligence
Using what we have to our advantage
We rose to the top
We don’t know all the answers but we know a considerable amount                                            We use paper as our currency
it can only work if everyone believes that paper is worth something
Our world called earth will soon come to a end
We still don’t know the meaning of life
But keep reproducing
We have no reason to live yet we continue to do so
We don’t know how it all started 
We don’t know a lot of things
But that too is what makes us human
Human’s can’t go near perfect
But people learn to accept that 
Humans are weak 
But that’s ok


About the Author

High school student in Korea whom likes to write poems in his spare time.

Instagram: Drewski981


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