This is Where I Used to Live by Andrew Ban

This is where I first learned to ride a bike 
             to see all the students go 
                           to do things a student should not do 
This is where I bought my breakfast every morning
             The same bread everyday 
This is where I used to run carefree of all my problems  
Here  is where is used to see my driver smoking 
This is where I used to go to ruin my hair every month 

This is where the crying man jumped 
             Here  is where he was found 
                         we thought he went missing
This is where she went to meet her friends
             This is where she went to get rid of us 
                          But we had lots of fun                                                Here is where we used to go to have our time taken from us
              we also got our first piece of innocence taken from us

This is where I used to wander as I got older
Here is where I got my first splinter 
              My grandma helped me get it out
This is where I used to think the monster was 
             here is where I found where the real devil hid 
                          This is where I used to go to hide from the demon 
But it always turned out horrible

This is where my memories lie in the past


About the Author

High school student in Korea whom likes to write poems in his spare time.

Instagram: Drewski981


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