It Fell From the Sky by Ann Christine Tabaka

It Fell From the Sky
Ann Christine Tabaka

It fell from the sky
in a blue-green cast,
singing songs of the mundane.
Swept under the rug of indifference,
it continued to play its requiem.
It grew stronger
with each coarse breath it took.
Scratching the eyes out from
all who dare peer into Its black soul.
The mountain rose before it
as the preacher raised his hands,
standing high upon the citadel.
We froze in fear.
He stood on stilts
reaching for the flight of birds,
while blossoms rained from trees.
Face to face the battle bled,
for it was a mighty foe.
Calling forth powers
only true evil can wield,
it towered above our holy mountain.
Moon ate the shadows.
Darkness ate the moon.
Sky began to fall.
Covered in broken stardust,
crushed beneath its weight,
the Sky Pilot sang his song of praise.
Mountain raised up higher
to circle with soaring birds.
All humanity joined hands.
Falling to its knees,
it fled this mortal realm,
returning to sky.
As ages passed,
a story told to this day
of the unnamed beast,
and how it fell from the sky.
A warning to all mankind.


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