Kraven’s Last Hunt By Eric S Brown

     If you grew up reading Spider-Man in the 1980s, then Marvel’s Kraven’s Last Hunt Epic Collection is not only a must read and must have addition to your comics library. The massive paperback includes almost 500 pages of Spidey stories that defined the wall crawler for that time period. It opens with an annual featuring the Iron Man of 2020, features some awesome Wolverine/Spider-man team ups, and then dives into the classic wedding storyline of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, and concludes with the entire 6 issue arc of its title story- Kraven’s Last Hunt. As if that wasn’t enough, the collection features a ton of extras dealing with the history of Spider-man’s wedding in the real from press write ups to the actual TV event.

     Though the main story, Kraven’s Last Hunt, is a dark tale of insanity and
suicide, the other stories truly capture the fun of 1980s superhero stories at their
best. There’s a bit of something for every type of Spider-Man fan in the collection
and both the art as well as the writing are simply outstanding! And though the book
has a $45 cover price, one can very often find it much cheaper online making the epic
collection a steal for any comic fan.


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