Moonlit by Glen Armstrong

If the woman is covered in white powder, 

her chair will end up powdery as well. 

If she speaks constantly of Hell, she may

be a priest, a poet, or bartender. How aware

of her condition is she? Has she written

a powdery doctrine? These are good questions,

powdery questions. The powder covers her 

teeth and hair. If the woman is masquerading

as a bear, we might be able to see 

her face peeking through the bear’s plastic

teeth. She stays away from the woman covered

in white powder. Returning the costume 

all powdery would be bad form and might

even trigger a cleaning fee. I’ll have to

check the rental agreement’s fine print. 

When print gets fine enough, it spreads.

It’s impossible to get rid of. I’d recommend

at least a 12 pt. font. Hell, bump 

those beautiful words up to 14! Live a little.

Now what can I get you? 


About the Author

Glen Armstrong (he/him) holds an MFA in English from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and edits a poetry journal called Cruel Garters. His poems have appeared in Conduit, Poetry Northwest, and Another Chicago Magazine.




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