Antonyms for “Regular” by Glen Armstrong

My little town mocks me: 

You’re a regular Roman 


numeral, boy.

A regular Roman Polanski.


You Blue Monday types

really crack me up.


I used to like being fooled, 

being screwed with, 


being banished from a lover’s bed

just to end 


up with a better view of her body.

But something here isn’t right.


My astrologer sees only green 

goo obscuring the night


sky’s shambling planets.

Something tells me


that if I leave town tonight,

I may never return.


About the Author

Glen Armstrong (he/him) holds an MFA in English from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and edits a poetry journal called Cruel Garters. His poems have appeared in Conduit, Poetry Northwest, and Another Chicago Magazine.




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