Mother’s Kitchen by Antreka Tladi

In the aroma of Sunday-made curries,
The lemon sprinkled cakes,
Memorable moments find life again
And drift on the breeze.

Beyond and below my eyes
I see the layout of a table,
A kitchen taking the shape of a heart
And its body a fusion of spices.

Daily dishes still cook themselves
In remembrance of your warmth;
I would have chopped the onions if I could
But tears have depleted my strength.

I can’t get used to the empty chair
Across the table, the unfolded napkins;
Unforgettable, a hand
That once cooked with these pots.

About the Author
Antreka Tladi was born in Jane Furse, Limpopo Republic of South Africa. He grew up in Phokwane, Brooklyn were he received his primary and secondary education and currently lives. His poems have appeared in local and international Journals and Anthologies including the Avbob Poetry project, the Calabash literary journal, the New Coin, the Otherwise Engaged Arts and literary journal amongst others. He is the author of Mother’s Kitchen and Other Places. He was honoured with an African Authors’ Honoree Award in 2022.




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