Ollie’s Comic Packs by Eric S Brown

Ollie’s Bargain Discount Outlets are a super fun place to go for comic collectors. Yes, you read that correctly! The outlet chain offers not only greatly discounted Marvel, DC, and even Indie trade paperbacks, but is now offering packs of random comics like one would find at Walmart. Walmart packs are usually priced around $9 for 3 Marvel Comics or a larger pack of 7 comics for $10. All of the books included in these packs are modern era, but one does have the chance of pulling limited run variant covers out of either type of Walmart pack. Ollie’s deal on their comic packs are far superior. They offer packs of comics priced 5 for $5 or one trade paperback packaged with 4 comics for $5.99. Not only does this blow Walmart prices out of the water, but the Ollie’s packs are much more fun!

The issues in each Ollie’s comic pack are a mix of Marvel, DC, and numerous other publishers. You get the chance of pulling a modern variant just as you would with a Walmart pack, but the Ollie’s packs are not limited to modern era books! Ollie’s comic packs contain books from the 1970’s until now. There are Youtubers who claim to have pulled key issues–sometimes in the $100 price range–from these packs, so there could
be real treasure hidden within them. Regardless of the better deal and shot at opening
up some comic gold, the Ollie’s packs are much more fun because of their diversity in
not only publishers but age as well. If you’re a comic collector or even just a reader,
it’s hard to beat Ollie’s current deal on comic grab bags.


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