The Real Bird by Katie Kim

There, the bird in the cage–
Motionless, mute, and barely living. 
Its wings aimlessly flapping from time to time, 
But of course, a very rare sight. 

Then I thought:
What if that cage wasn’t there?
Would the bird, at least, fly?

But the bird, 
Even with those hopeless eyes,
Shows its real dread,
Without having to feign itself with new colors and unnatural demeanors.

It embraces its symphony of blue and yellow tangling and tingling around it, 
And the state he is in,
Because, perhaps, he accepts it, 
And maybe, likes it.


About the Author

Yukyung Katie Kim is a ninth-grader attending Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts. As a writer, she is particularly interested in realistic and historical fiction. As well as creative writing, Yukyung enjoys visual art and playing the oboe in her free time.


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