Episode Five: Ready or Not, Here We Come

Nitro and Saifon

Arooooo! Saifon Blue vaulted from a disturbing sleep. Teeth bared, her grief-stricken snarl and aggressive stance enough to bring all around her into submission. All but her mate, King of Iron Dog Land, Nitro Blue, and they were alone. “Omar!” she growled. “My baby boy is in trouble, wake the others. We must go to him!”

Speaking softly to his queen, “Calm down, Saifon. To go to Omar’s K-9 Town now, is not the thing to do. Whatever the menace, if it grows to a point beyond his capabilities, we will know, and we will be there for him, and those who follow him.”

This is true. Omar is kind and loving, but when threatened he’s as fierce and vicious as you are.” Saifon added, snapping out of her delirium, nudging her mate. “And, we’ve seen first-hand, his pack will follow him without hesitation. Okay, we’ll stay put…” Rubbing her chin, staring upward, momentarily in deep thought. “Humm! I got an idea, that will lessen our concerns.”

Ears perked, brows furrowed, Nitro sat. Though elated at her quick recovery, the twinkling eyes, avoiding his, put him on guard. “This should be good, arf.”

We’ll send the warrior eagle, McZen!” she blurted, moving forward to come eye to eye. Her rapid speech leaving no chance for him to respond, “Just think, Nitro! My unique link with McZen will allow me to see through his eyes. It will be as if I were there… I’ll command his wrath from afar!” Oops!

I admit, your plan has merit. But the wise eagle will know… without your interference… if, or when, his commanding intervention is needed.” Continuing eye contact while casually stoking his beard, “Thor, is planning to visit K-9 Town soon to spend time with that tough wolf, Bennie Ba. This might be a good time for that visit. If there is trouble, and he’d better not start it himself, Thor will be the right one to have with Omar. He’s a brazen fighter. Won’t be beat! Whether or not Omar will appreciate Thor and Bennie putting their chaotic heads together, is another story.”

Both laughed out loud, knowing their youngest prince would be insulated, by love and loyalties.

Later, Nitro and Saifon stood side by side in silence, heads up, chests out, not wanting to alert their constant onlookers. Unable to keep thoughts of Omar from resurfacing, “If only we knew the nature of the menace, but this we cannot discern. Not yet. But soon!…

* * *

Gigantic, colorful, wings fluttering, pace slowed, McZen looked down on his traveling companion. Thor’s lively, daring spirit, fascinated him. Teasing the massive dog, he screeched, “I’ll be keeping an eye on you, wild prince. And you’d better not get Bennie Ba in any trouble. Screeeeee!”

Before Thor could respond, McZen had soared upward, wings spread full width. So high that his only background was the rising moon. Thor watched in awe as the warrior eagle reversed flight, plunged at incredible speed, then slowed to where he’d begun, directly above him.

Continuing his prior yakking, “I’ll stay long enough to give Queen Saifon the true picture and confirm there is no need for concern. We’ll see how long that takes. If there is cause, I will join Omar, you, and the others in eliminating the threat, once and for all. What about you, Thor?”

Mouth open, tongue wagging, evening air invigorating his powerful body as he sprinted, “Nitro didn’t fool me, McZen… he’s uneasy. I’ll feel… better when I see my baby brother…. He’s always better with me at his side……… I’ll be there for a good while… visiting Bennie Ba… And more than one… K-9 Town female caught my eye… when they came to… see us, woof, woof.”

Did you… hear Nitro’s parting words to me, McZen?!” he continued, raising his voice, as much as possible while feigning anger. “How’d he put it… And you’d better not start any mess yourself, of any kind, Thor!… as though I would… woof, woof… ooooooowl!”


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