Sailing by Ed Blundell

Ed Blundell

The sky clear blue, the sun shone bright,
Their holiday was at its height,
She, smiling said to him,” Let’s take
A sailing boat out on the lake.”

He liked the thought and straight away,
They hired a dinghy for the day
And basking in the summer sun
They sailed off for a day of fun.

Old legends told that in the lake
Lay the lair of a giant snake,
A water serpent green with slime,
A creature from an ancient time.

They’d heard the tales from local folk,
They’d laughed and sneered it was a joke,
The lake was calm the weather fair
So out they sailed without a care.

When they failed to return that day
A widespread search was underway.
Although they scoured the lake and shore,
The boat and crew were seen no more.



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